• Budiman Baso Universitas Timor
  • Irit Maulana Sapta Semesta Bilingual Boarding School Semarang
  • Saniyatul Mawaddah Program Studi D3 Teknik Informatika PSDKU Lamongan, Departemen Informatika, PENS
Keywords: non photorealistic rendering, cartoon, quantization, canny.


Cartoons are one type of illustration usually in a non-realistic or semi-realistic style. To make a cartoon drawing manually requires good drawing ability. So, not everyone can make cartoons. This research proposes a non-photorealistic rendering algorithm to create cartoon drawings automatically. The algorithm consists of four phases. First, create an image abstraction using bilateral filtering. Second, using kmeans clustering for abstract image quantization. Third, get the contour lines of the drawing using the canny algorithm. Fourth, contour lines and quantized images are combined. The results show that this algorithm can produce good visualization of cartoon images.


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