Optimasi Produksi Meubel Menggunakan Metode Simpleks

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Oktovianus R. Sikas
Arliyanti Irenen Tae
Faustianus Luan


Currently there are many emerging independent businesses, such as home industries. Olbetsi Furniture is a
home industry that produces household furniture made of wooden planks such as cabinets, chairs and tables.
The purpose of this research is to determine the optimal production using the simplex method and to maximize
the cost advantage in the production of Olbetsi furniture using the simplex method. The method used in this
research is descriptive method (case study), namely to find out how to solve problems and calculate the
problems that exist in the Olbetsi furniture business. Data collection techniques used in this study were
interviews and documentation. The results of this study obtained the maximum profit from the production of
cabinets as much as 6.6667≈7 units, while for the production of chairs and tables it was 0 meaning that it did
not need to be produced, to achieve an optimal profit of IDR 4,100,000.-.

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Sikas, O., Tae, A., & Luan, F. (2023). Optimasi Produksi Meubel Menggunakan Metode Simpleks. Journal of Mathematics Theory and Applications, 1(2), 1-8. https://doi.org/10.32938/j-math1220231-8