Peer Review Process/Policy

Manuscripts submitted to Journal of Information and Technology UNIMOR (JITU, e -ISSN :) will be evaluated for publication through 2 review stages, those are pre-review and substance review.

The submitted manuscript is first reviewed by the editor of the journal and will be evaluated the conformity of the manuscript with the focus and scope of the journal as well as with the specific author guidelines.  JITU uses Google Scholar and Turnitin software for plagiarism and similarity checking during this stage. Duration of evaluation between 1-4 weeks.

Each submitted manuscript that passes the first stage will be substantial single-blind reviewed by at least two reviewers. Duration of evaluation between 3-16 weeks after review assignment. If desired, the reviewer may request a re-review after the author revises his/her article. Reviewers' comments will be sent to corresponding author to take the necessary actions and revise.

The Editor in Chief authorizes the decision of whether the revised manuscript can be published by considering recommendations from reviewers. All pre-published articles must be free from plagiarism content. Editors will check the similarity of articles in this journal using Turnitin software. All accepted articles will be first published in the In-Press issue for faster indexing. JITU also publishes the camera-ready articles in the In-Progress issue prior to regular issue publication.

If you would like to become a reviewer for JITU journal, please complete the online Application Form. You should provide some descriptive words of your reviewing interests. We will register you as a Reviewer and an Author into JITU journal within three working days. Your account information, ie username, and password will be delivered to your email.