Instructions for Each Part of the Manuscript

The title does not exceed 12 words in Indonesian. The author also provides a title in English (which does not exceed 12 words).

Author Data.
Contains the full names of all authors without titles, the author's affiliation institution and their address (including postal code) as well as the address of one of the authors for correspondence (telephone, facsimile and e-mail).

Written in English and Indonesian, a maximum of 150 words for each abstract and contains 3 things, namely the topics discussed, the methodology used, and the results or evidence obtained.

Written in Indonesian and English with a maximum of 5 subjects each. Keywords contain words or phrases that are used in the manuscript and are considered representative of and/or related to the topic discussed.

The introduction contains the background and objectives of the study/research, references and supporting theories, relevant previous studies, problems or hypotheses to be tested in the paper, a brief description of the method or analytical tool chosen, a brief narrative of the results obtained if the writing is the results of empirical testing or prepositions if the writing made is the result of thought.

This section describes the data collection methods used, such as surveys or observations, accompanied by details on the use of these methods. This section also describes population, sample and sample selection methods.

This section contains the results obtained based on the method used along with the appropriate economic analysis. The results of the analysis can be presented in the form of tables, pictures accompanied by analytical, structured, detailed and complete descriptions that raise important points based on the theoretical concepts that have been built.

This section contains conclusions from the research results and their academic and policy implications if they are in narrative form and do not need to be numbered.

The bibliography is arranged in alphabetical order in APA 6th Edition (American Psychological Association) format. Minimum number of references is 12.