Screening for Plagiarism

Plagiarism prevention is very important because it provides academic and scientific integrity. Therefore, Range: Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika uses Turnitin Software to control plagiarism problems. The Journal Editor yet to carry out a Grammarly check for the submitted manuscript, before sending it to the reviewers. We strongly suggest authors to check plagiarism level of their own manuscript using Turnitin or Checker X. We do not process plagiarized manuscripts. If a manuscript has more than 20% plagiarism based on Turnitin or 15% plagiarism based on Checker X's inspection, we will send the manuscript back to the author to revise the plagiarized content in case the entire manuscript has no major revision in early screening.

Basically, the duty of author is only to submit articles that are free from plagiarism and academic malpractice. However, the Editor will double check each article before publication. Plagiarism checking will be carried out twice, which are, before sending it to the reviewer, and after receiving the revised results based on the reviewer's suggestions.